Most recipes and instructions for home-preserved foods are developed at sea level and can present both food quality and food safety challenges for cooks living above 3,000 feet--which is everybody in Colorado!

Did You Know?

Colorado's low point (3,315 feet above sea level at the Arikaree River in Yuma County) is the highest low point in the nation--higher than 18 states' high point!

Preserve Smart was developed by Colorado State University Extension in order to provide a trusted, mobile-friendly way to find and use tested food preservation recipes and instructions for many elevations--from sea level to high in the Rocky Mountains!

THANKS to the many Colorado Master Food Safety Advisors who volunteered as reviewers for Preserve Smart--sharing their invaluable time and wisdom related to safe home food preservation! 

Introduction to Preserve Smart. Learn how to set your elevation and the site features.

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